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The idea to create this page was to shed light into the journey of mental health . You may be in search of information and resources during this time of crisis, and I would like to share what I have learned in the process. On this site you will find educational articles and videos to encourage and walk you to the other side. Mental illness does not discriminate between families and socioeconomic backgrounds. It can descend out of no where and touch the life of someone you care deeply about.

Join me, as we walk united to end stigma and shine hope for our loved ones who need our love, support and warrior spirit to fight this battle together.

Words for Warriors

Today you stand on a mountaintop….
behind you are all the struggles and challenges you conquered on the way;
before you lies a new horizon filled with exciting possibilities.
Today you choose the direction of your life.

– Believe & Achieve Copyright 2004 Hallmark Licensing, Inc. –



Crisis Assistance

As a mental health crisis of a loved one enfolds; I will develop discrepancy, express empathy, reduce resistance and support self-efficacy for care givers and families.


To offer a broad perspecitve on the mental health condition of a loved one, explain emotional responses when a mental health crisis is diagnosed, encourage participants to validate their willingness to discuss difficult topics and guidance towards available resources offered by our communities.


As a mentor, I will evoke clients own concerns and motivations regarding a loved ones mental health journey, listen with empathetic understanding while nurturing hope and optimism.

Annabelle Haas

Founder of Tru Wellness Warrior

The idea to create this website began with a mental health crisis my loved one experienced in 2014. From that moment, I began to question my ability to care for my loved one. I was uncertain of the diagnosis or what the future held. As our family began to adapt to our “new norm” it was evident that we were not alone and we needed the support of others to encourage us along the way. 

With a background in corporate communications, marketing and public relations, I decided to encourage other warriors by developing the tru wellness warrior page. As a compassionate advocate with extensive experience in caring for vulnerable populations, I recognize the importance of sharing educational resources to a caregiver or family member in search of answers. 

By working in diverse communities and demonstrating strong interpersonal skills as a NAMI Family to Family facilitator, I will provide assistance and support during your loved ones wellness journey. Though this course may seem difficult and winding at times, there is hope for your warrior on the road to recovery. 

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My loved one is acting strange, her/his behavior has changed overnight without warning, what should I do?


When behavior shifts unexpectedly and continues to spiral downward, it is time to contact your primary care physician. Your doctor will recommend your loved one sees a specialist for an assessment to determine a diagnosis.

It looks like we cannot see a specialist for a few months, what can we do?


Unfortunately even during a crisis, most specialists have a waiting list for new patients. If your loved one is under the age of 18, you can connect with Akron Children’s Hospital for an assessment. For young adults 19-25, reaching out to local hospitals will offer guidance towards your first steps.

My loved one does not want to have an assessment done, he/she believes there is nothing wrong. Do I have any options?


If your loved one is a threat to a family member or himself/herself, you can call 911 and ask for a Crisis Intervention Trained officer to assist.

My loved one refuses to sign a HIPAA form so I can speak to the doctor. How should I proceed?


You are advocating on the behalf of your loved one. It is helpful to meet with the doctor and patient before any assessment is done.

The medication that has been prescribed has quite a few side effects. My loved one is concerned and doesn’t want to take them. How can I help?


You are doing your best to stabilize your loved one with the prescribed medicine. Begin a journal and write down pertinent information about the loved one’s overall mental health. This will be an insightful guide into the patient’s behavior and wellness. Share your observations with your doctor.

Will my loved one ever heal?


You are going to adapt to a “new normal” as your loved one takes ownership of his/her diagnosis. Recovery and stability are part of the wellness journey, your goal as a caregiver is to support the process. A mental health condition does not define the warriors we love.


These resources offer insight into the mind of someone who suffers from a form of mental illness. Though there are many components to mental illness, the providers of these resources have shared what the illness looks like from their personal perspectives. Any content that I showcase on this platform, I give a 5 star rating for content and honesty. I will never provide content that I do not personally believe adds value to my community or has your best interest at heart!

Dr. Daniel Amen

Dr. Daniel Amen talks about SPECT scans. Your specialist can request an MRI and an EEG to confirm the health of the cranium of the patient. I highly recommend taking a moment to watch this video to gain a little more knowledge and options for treatment once your loved one is diagnosed.

Ben Behind His Voices: One Family’s Journey from the Chaos of Schizophrenia to Hope

These books offer insight into the mind of someone who suffers from schizophrenia. Though there are many components to this brain disorder, the authors have shared what the illness looks like from their personal perspective. I give these stories 5 stars for content and honesty.

When readers first meet Ben, he is a sweet, intelligent, seemingly well-adjusted youngster. Fast forward to his teenage years, though, and Ben’s life has spun out of control. Ben is swept along by an illness over which he has no control―one that results in runaway episodes, periods of homelessness, seven psychotic breaks, seven hospitalizations, and finally a diagnosis and treatment plan that begins to work. Schizophrenia strikes an estimated one in a hundred people worldwide by some estimates, and yet understanding of the illness is lacking. Through Ben’s experiences, and those of his mother and sister, who supported Ben through every stage of his illness and treatment, readers gain a better understanding of schizophrenia, as well as mental illness in general, and the way it affects individuals and families.

Here, Kaye encourages families to stay together and find strength while accepting the reality of a loved one’s illness; she illustrates, through her experiences as Ben’s mother, the delicate balance between letting go and staying involved. She honors the courage of anyone who suffers with mental illness and is trying to improve his life and participate in his own recovery. Ben Behind His Voices also reminds professionals in the psychiatric field that every patient who comes through their doors has a life, one that he has lost through no fault of his own. It shows what goes right when professionals treat the family as part of the recovery process and help them find support, education, and acceptance. And it reminds readers that those who suffer from mental illness, and their families, deserve respect, concern, and dignity.

The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness

Elyn R. Saks is an esteemed professor, lawyer, and psychiatrist and is the Orrin B. Evans Professor of Law, Psychology, Psychiatry, and the Behavioral Sciences at the University of Southern California Law School, yet she has suffered from schizophrenia for most of her life, and still has ongoing major episodes of the illness.

The Center Cannot Hold is the eloquent, moving story of Elyn’s life, from the first time that she heard voices speaking to her as a young teenager, to attempted suicides in college, through learning to live on her own as an adult in an often terrifying world. Saks discusses frankly the paranoia, the inability to tell imaginary fears from real ones, the voices in her head telling her to kill herself (and to harm others), as well as the incredibly difficult obstacles she overcame to become a highly respected professional. This beautifully written memoir is destined to become a classic in its genre.

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